Gibran Private Conversation with Prabowo

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Solo—First Minister number 2 Gibran Rakabuming Raka refused to disclose the contents of his meeting with Prime Minister Prabowo Subianto in Kartanegara last Friday (23/2/2024). Meeting at Solo City Hall, Gibran said that the outcome of the meeting between himself and the Menhan figure was secret.

“Secret,” he said briefly, Monday (26/2/2024).

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Asked about the meeting, which was also quite long, whether to discuss the cabinet’s plans for the future if Paslon 2 is officially sworn in as president and vice president, Gibran also declined to reveal. “Secret, yes, thank you,” he said.

Nevertheless, Gibran was also dismissive when asked if he discussed the right to vote regarding indications of fraud in the 2024 election, with Prabowo. “No, don’t talk about that,” he concluded.

Previously, the candidate who won the presidential election 2024 version of the quick count and real count version of the KPU, Prabowo Subianto only met with his deputy vice president, Gibran Rakabuming Raka at his private residence, Jalan Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Friday (23/2/2024) evening WIB.

Gibran arrived at Prabowo’s residence around 17:10pm. Mayor Solo said he had come to Jakarta to discuss plans to set up a ministry dedicated to dealing with the free lunch program.

“Yes, yes, let’s talk about the ministry first,” Gibran told reporters as he arrived in front of Prabowo’s residence.

Prabowo arrived at his residence in a car with the number plate of the Ministry of Defence (Ministry of Defence) around 18.00 WIB. The defense minister went straight into his home to meet Gibran.

About 30 minutes apart or at 18:33pm, Gibran left Prabowo’s residence in a black Innova car. He did not give a press statement to the waiting media crew.

Then, at 18:56pm it was Prabowo’s turn to leave his house in a white Alphard car with a red license plate with the logo of the Ministry of Justice. He also did not give any information to the media.

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Updated: Februari 26, 2024 — 2:57 pm

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